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School faculty and staff are listed below with the grade level and/or position held.  If the staff member has a website, the link will be listed to the right.
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NameGrade and/or PositionEmail address
NameGrade and/or PositionEmail address
Aaron Wright Teacher Assistant aaronwright@burke.k12.nc.us 
Alison Causby Teacher acausby@burke.k12.nc.us 
Amanda Ollis Teacher Assistant aollis@burke.k12.nc.us 
Amanda Waters School Nurse awaters@burke.k12.nc.us 
Bernice Waldrop Teacher Assistant bwaldrop@burke.k12.nc.us 
Brandi Mull Teacher bmull@burke.k12.nc.us 
Carolyn Lowman Custodian clowman@burke.k12.nc.us 
Cayce Davis Teacher Assistant caycedavis@burke.k12.nc.us 
Chad Davis Teacher chaddavis@burke.k12.nc.us 
Chip Watts PE Teacher chipwatts@burke.k12.nc.us 
Daphne Martin Teacher daphnemartin@burke.k12.nc.us 
Debbie Christian Media Coordinator dchristian@burke.k12.nc.us 
Debby Dula Teacher Assistant ddula@burke.k12.nc.us 
Denise Edwards Teacher Assistant dedwards@burke.k12.nc.us 
Donita Deal Teacher ddeal@burke.k12.nc.us 
Donna Howery Teacher Assistant dhowery@burke.k12.nc.us 
Elizabeth Hudson Teacher Assistant ehudson@burke.k12.nc.us 
Hannah Hennessee Teacher Assistant hhennseess@burke.k12.nc.us 
Hannah Severt Teacher hsevert@burke.k12.nc.us 
Heather Goins Teacher Assistant hgoins@burke.k12.nc.us 
Holly Mauldin Teacher hmauldin@burke.k12.nc.us 
Janet Berry Music jberry@burke.k12.nc.us 
Jenny Kurzer Elem Program Specialist jkurzer@burke.k12.nc.us 
Jeremy Abernathy Teacher Assistant jabernathy@burke.k12.nc.us 
Joe Enos Teacher Assistant jenos@burke.k12.nc.us 
Kayla Poteat Teacher Assistant kaylapoteat@burke.k12.nc.us 
Kim Avery Teacher Assistant kavery2burke.k12.nc.us 
Leigh Mazaleski Speech Language Pathologist leighmazaleski@burke.k12.nc.us 
Libra Deaton Teacher ldeaton@burke.k12.nc.us 
Lilik Hartitik Teacher Assistant lilikhartitik@burke.k12.nc.us 
Linda Branch Teacher Assistant lbranch@burke.k12.nc.us 
Lindsi Stotts Teacher lindsistotts@burke.k12.nc.us 
Lisa Antley Speech Language Pathologist lantley@burke.k12.nc.us 
Martha Birckhead Administrative Assistant mbirckhead@burke.k12.nc.us 
MeLisa Smith Teacher Assistant msmith822601@gmail.com 
Monte Absher Teacher mabsher@burke.k12.nc.us 
Nicole Stough Teacher Assistant nstough@burke.k12.nc.us 
Pam Walker Teacher Assistant pwalker@burke.k12.nc.us 
Promise Russell Teacher Assistant promiserussell@burke.k12.nc.us 
Rebecca Shuping Teacher rshuping@burke.k12.nc.us 
Renee Leonhardt Teacher Assistant rleonhardt@burke.k12.nc.us 
Sam Edwards Teacher Assistant sedwards@burke.k12.nc.us 
Sarah Mooney Teacher Assistant smooney@burke.k12.nc.us 
Shanda Epley Principal sepley@burke.k12.nc.us 
Tracy Oliver Teacher toliver@burke.k12.nc.us 
Trina Brown Occupational Therapist tbrown@burke.k12.nc.us 
Vanessa Dockery Teacher Assistant vdockery@burke.k12.nc.us 
Viveca Paddon Teacher vpaddon@burke.k12.nc.us 
Wendy Allen Teacher wendyallen@burke.k12.nc.us 
Showing 49 items